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Art by Stephanie McMillan


Take home a fun, tropical vibe with this new collection of colorful pop art prints, and line art for coloring, by award-winning cartoonist Stephanie McMillan.

See South Florida through the eyes of a Fort Lauderdale native, and fall in love with it. It's a beautiful place worth saving.

These are available both online (shipping charges apply) and at the studio.

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Artist's Statement:

These prints are visually influenced by decades of drawing comics and are inspired by the beautiful tropical plants and amazing creatures of South Florida. I was born here, and so was my dad. My great-grandparents are buried in a graveyard within walking distance of where I live. I love this place, and it kills me to see it being systematically destroyed by overdevelopment, pollution, and sea level rise.

Maybe if more people appreciate how unique and gorgeous this area is, more will be motivated to protect it. I hope I can make some small difference in helping people see it that way.

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