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Artist commentary:

A few nights before painting this, my soulmate Chris and I were in the studio parking lot downtown, listening to a strange, high-pitched call, trying to figure out what kind of bird it was, before we finally realized it was a pair of bats! They were circling over the buildings, and we caught quick glimpses as light hit them. So when I painted the the next day, it had to be a bat.

The word was inspired by Chris. When we were recently having an intense conversation about what we’re about, what ideas have threaded through and defined our lives, he said one word has always been at the forefront for him, especially at work: “Fight.” That resonated with me because I had sensed that fighting spirit within the first seconds of meeting him, and it was one of his characteristics (in combination with cheerfulness, kindness and self-awareness) that made me instantly want to get to know him.

Let’s each harness that spirit and fight for a better world!


Acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas (sides painted), 16"x20"

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