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Meet the Artists

Forward Spiral features the art of Stephanie McMillan and Christopher Burns, partners in life, love and creativity.

Chris, a truck driver from New Jersey, fell in love with Florida and moved down in 2005. After many years of channeling his creative spirit into music, writing and rebuilding motorcycles, in the last several years he’s been creating visual art and poetry as well. He is the author of the children's book "Songbird Fly!"

Stephanie, a second-generation Fort Lauderdale resident with a BFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. Her published work includes graphic novels, comics journalism, and editorial cartoons in hundreds of publications worldwide (including her hometown local paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). Her drawings and paintings combine tropical and comics stylistic elements with social/political themes like fighting exploitation and ecocide. She loves to create useful and fun art objects such as coloring pages, greeting cards and clocks.